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At Gotham Projects Ltd we work with all the main UK-based domestic and international carriers to connect their shipping networks with our customers' systems and our own software. From small mailings all the way up to large freight items, our links with key players in the mailing, shipping, freight and forwarding industries mean we can build streamlined and efficient delivery solutions tailored specifically for your business.

We work with the delivery service providers to help you select the best services for your business needs and then integrate those services with your operational software. Whether you intend to use our own warehouse and despatch software or your own systems, we then integrate the IT platform of the delivery service provider to give you seamless processing in the warehouse.


A common despatch procedure:

  1. Order placed on a selling channel or your website
  2. Payment processed and stock allocated
  3. Warehouse staff pick and pack the product
  4. Despatch confirmed by scanning a barcode reference
  5. Integrated shipping software creates the shipment with the service provider and prints the shipping label
  6. The tracking number is fed back to the selling channel or website to confirm despatch to the customer


For many shipping scenarios we use the ParcelHub integrated software platform. Through our exclusive partnership with ParcelHub we can give you direct access to the leading UK-based parcel delivery carriers at highly competitive rates. ParcelHub is scalable from ad hoc collections and deliveries right up to a full scheduled collection and multi-carrier solution.

This amazing flexibility allows your ParcelHub system to grow with your business, from garage to warehouse.


How multi-carrier solutions can save you money

The first thing we do when talking with our prospective clients is a thorough analysis of all your shipments, products and sales patterns. We match the products' weights, dimensions and material types with our portfolio of parcel delivery services and select a range of compatible services as a starting point.

We then work with your procurement, sales and warehouse staff to identify your major product classes based on key factors such as:

  • Service expectation (express, economy, left-safe)
  • Proof of delivery requirements
  • Insurance-to-value ratios
  • Returns procedures

Once this profile is established you can choose the most cost-effective delivery carrier for each class of product to get the best rates, ensuring any additional costs are targeted precisely where they are needed, such as fragile items or multiple-box products.

ParceHub: Parcels, customer service, tracking and problem resolution delivered together.

The dedicated ParcelHub customer services team form a single point of contact for all your parcel deliveries, no matter how many different delivery service providers your portfolio comprises.  This provides your business and your customers with clear, consistent support.

ParcelHub integrated parcel tracking status site


The integrated ParcelHub tracking system draws tracking information directly from the different parcel carriers' delivery networks and brings it together on one website, enabling you to track all your shipments from one place. Your shipments are categorised with a simple traffic-light system, and the results can be searched, filtered, and drilled down easily on a number of parameters. This simple tool allows your staff to be continuously up-to-date on your deliveries, giving them the confidence and knowledge to deliver excellent customer service.

The tracking system has many advanced features, including:

  • Combining data from multiple delivery companies and carriers on a single screen
  • Categorising problems, delays and deliveries consistently
  • Generating status-driven emails and text messages for customers
  • Integration with warehouse operations or status information from your own systems
  • Optional branding with your business's name and website address


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